Heating, Cooling & Indoor Air Quality in Barrow County

What is the Right Way to Buy a New Heating and Cooling System?

Whoa...slow down, do some research and become an educated consumer. The next step is to talk with a home comfort specialist who can tailor meet your comfort needs with the correct system. Be wary of contractors who try and sell you the BIGGER unit just so they can make more profit. Our Home Comfort Specialist uses proper sizing procedure and accurate rules of thumb.

Find someone who can perform a home comfort evaluation:
  • An accurate measurement of your home's dimensions & orientation
  • A computerized load calculation and equipment selection
  • Air duct leakage, indoor conditions and outside infiltration
Get a specialist to help you through the buying process. You can trust our Home Comfort Specialist today and discuss your heating and cooling needs. (770) 999-9682.