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Why is R-22 So Expensive!

According to an article we read in "The News" EPA has finalized the R-22 Phaseout Plan. We wanted to tell you what that means in customer friendly language.
You can read the whole article here
Here is what it means for you as our customer:
Price Increase in Freon
Prices always go up with the demand and supply of a product. As the phase-out plan continues supply will be short, so prices go up.
No one likes high prices, we don't either. We have thought about this and the best plan is to "fix" any leaks and stop the sipage and loss of freon in your current system. When we diagnosis low of freon we will suggest a leak search. This helps you and saves our atmosphere. We may also suggest you replace your system if 10 years or older. Nowadays the HVAC systems are extremely efficient with saying energy and are ecologically friendly.

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