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Why Does My Furnace Smell Bad?

Smelly Furnace? Here's What Those Smells May Mean!Sick furnace

Furnace smells like gas.

If your system is a natural gas system and smells like rotten eggs/sulfur, this is a call for quick action: This can mean you may have a natural gas leak. Please make sure you have everyone and pets leave the house. Call your gas company to come check for a gas leak!

Furnace smells like a dead animal.

If you have a dead animal smell: Check you ductwork to see if a rodent has made its way into the ventilation or inside the air handler itself. Call us and we can check this for you when we do your fall tune-up.

Furnace smells like burning plastic.

If you have an electric system and it smells like hot metal burning or burning plastic: This could be cause for alarm. In older units the wiring can cause this smell. We can also check this during your fall tune-up.

Furnace smells musty.

If you smell a dirty sock, burning or dusty smell: These are usually common odors for start-up of the system in the fall, normally caused by dust and mold burning out of the vents and off the coil. The smell should stop within a few minutes. We suggest getting the coil cleaned (if needed) and filters changed prior to starting up your unit for the first time each fall to prevent as much of this smell as possible, especially if you have allergies.

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