Heating, Cooling & Indoor Air Quality in Barrow County

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Committed to Supporting Our Community

At Absolute Comfort Air, we know that these are trying times for everyone. The effects of COVID-19 are being felt in every corner of our lives, and every corner of the globe. While many aspects of our lives have changed significantly – from work schedules to routine errands – we feel it important to remember that some things have remained constant. The resilience and compassion we see around us every day are endlessly inspiring to us, as is the determination and creativity needed to take action in a safe and effective way. We are so grateful to the numerous grocery store and food service workers, healthcare professionals, and other essential service providers who are all contributing to the continued function of our community. Our team here at Absolute Comfort Air is proud to be one of so many providing quality services in the midst of such challenging circumstances.

Nothing is more important to us than the continued health and safety of both our customers and our employees, which is why we are implementing a range of precautionary measures to protect everyone. These measures include heightened hygiene and sanitization protocols that target numerous high-traffic surfaces in our vehicles, offices, and work areas. We will also be maintaining the recommended six feet of distance from both colleagues and customers, and keeping ill employees at home until cleared by a physician.

Many things about our day-to-day lives are unrecognizable from as little as two months ago. But just because there is a global pandemic does not mean that you don’t need a reliable home comfort system. Indeed, in many ways, it may be even more important – being stuck indoors means there is nowhere to hide if your air conditioning gives out on a hot day. At Absolute Comfort Air, we are here to provide you with dependable care that you can trust.

Find out more about how we can help you by calling us at (770) 999-9682 today. We will get through this situation together!