Ways to Make Your AC More Effective in Jefferson, Ga

August 21, 2018 | Blog

There are plenty of tips out there about how to make your Jefferson Ga air conditioner more efficient, but how about effectiveness? How do you ensure your air conditioner will actually keep you and your family cool all summer? Here are some tips to ensure your system is as effective as possible year round without sacrificing efficiency or increasing your bills in any way.

Regular Cleaning
Regular Cleaning is vital to keeping your system as effective as possible. Many of these tasks can be performed by you between annual tune ups – usually on a monthly basis. For instance, you should clean your filters every month and change any that are replaceable as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

You should also remove any dust and debris from around the evaporator coils inside your home – while your local Jefferson, Ga air conditioning technician will perform a thorough cleaning in the spring, you can keep efficiency high by supplementing each month. Similarly, vacuuming or dusting the vents in your home can help quite a bit as well.

Annual Maintenance
While regular cleaning is certainly important, the only way to ensure optimal effectiveness from your air conditioner is to have a professional visit and perform a tune up once a year. During this tune up, the technician will check refrigerant levels, tighten loose fittings and wiring, perform more thorough cleaning and ensure all components are working as intended. Small issues you may not even realize exist can be fixed during these visits. , our Jefferson Ga air conditioning technicians are experts in air conditioning maintenance.

If you own an air conditioner and want to be sure that it operates as effectively as possible, maintain a regular cleaning schedule and have an air conditioning professional visit once a year for a tune up. You can also supplement your cooling with ceiling fans and proper insulation in your Jefferson GA home – both options that your technician can discuss with you.

If your air conditioner is in need of repairs or maintenance, call us today! Jefferson, GA air conditioning customers have relied on Absolute Comfort Air and Heating Services for quality service for over 15 years.

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Had Us Up and Running in a Couple of Hours

Tanner was our service tech. Our heat quit on a Friday night and I called Absolute Comfort Air on Saturday morning. Tanner came to our home about an hour and a half after my phone call and diagnose the problem, explained the circumstances, and gave me a detailed quote. He then proceeded to make the repair.  He worked steadily and had us up and running in a couple of hours. Tanner was very polite, explained things in detail, and answered my questions very patiently. Thank you for a job well done.

Bob B.

Simply The Best!

I’ve been without heat since Saturday when my heat pump went out. I called Absolute Comfort and Alex came out and confirmed that after 19 years it had died. Kevin came out yesterday morning and he and Mark came this morning to check on things. Wayne and D.J. installed my new system. My house is warmer than it’s been in years and I wanted to thank you all for the fast, courteous and efficient manner you took care of my problem. Y’all are simply the best!!

Jennell H.

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Alex not only got my HVAC back up and running he also checked the outside unit. Alex is polite, thorough and professional. I sure hope if I am in need of HVAC work to be done Alex Vang is the tech that is assigned to me again.

Diane C.

Took the Time to Explain

Wanted to tell you that your Rep Tanner who serviced my home on 1/5/22, and I give him a 5 Star review. He was very courteous, professional, and took the time to explain all of what he did. If I can’t have Devin, I’ll take Tanner anytime.

Richard K.

Explained Everything to Me

I had a service technician by the name of Tanner visit my house today and go through a check list of all the components of my HVAC and found everything to be good and working at it’s best. He was very professional, courteous, and explained everything to me when he completed his work so I could understand it all. I would recommend Tanner to preform any and all maintenance required to anyone’s system.

Jerry A.

Pleasant & Precise

Devin was very precise doing his job very pleasant personality he explained everything. Thanks

Raymond C.

Highly Recommend

Tanner is courteous, helpful, informative, knowledgeable, and polite. He has completed 3 seasonal HVAC inspections and 1 motor replacement. He thoroughly explains what he did, what he’s looking for, and reasoning for his justifications. He is always on time and even remembers unique cases related to my system. I highly recommend Tanner and absolute comfort air!

Brandon H.

Great Customer Service

Called on a Saturday morning. Very friendly on-call tech (Stephen) already had 3 service calls booked but offered to call me back if he could work me in. He called, he came, he resurrected my air!! Very meticulous about diagnosis, very professional about the repair, and very pleasant towards the customer (me)!
Thank you Absolute Comfort Air!!

Norman W.