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6 Medical Benefits of a Humidifier at Home

May 16, 2022 | Blog

Benefits of a Home Humidifier

Just like our diet and exercise, the particles we breathe have a huge impact on our well-being. Therefore, if you want to improve your health, it’s essential to monitor your indoor air quality (or IAQ).

Absolute Comfort Air can recommend personalized air quality solutions based on your unique circumstances. For example, homeowners suffering from respiratory ailments or dry skin may benefit from a humidifier.

What Is a Humidifier?

The term “humidifier” refers to any technology that adds moisture to its surrounding environment. There are numerous device styles, including:

  • Steam vaporizers, which rely on electricity to release a heated or cooled mist (depending on its settings).
  • Evaporators, which generate moisture by mixing blowing air with evaporating water.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers, which vibrate to produce vapors.
  • Central humidifiers, which are attached to central AC units to bring moisture through your entire home.

Though these models differ structurally, they share very similar perks and downfalls. For example, without cleaning and maintenance, all humidifiers can gather bacteria and continuously cycle germs through your home.

Too much moisture can also encourage mold growth, and steam-based models can burn users if not used properly. However, when managed well, humidifiers enhance indoor air quality and thus strengthen your overall health.

Benefits of a Humidifier and Good IAQ

Minimizing Snoring

Snoring worsens in the presence of dry air, as your respiratory pathways may be less lubricated. The added moisture from a humidifier will soothe your nose and throat as you sleep, allowing you to breathe more quietly.

Moisturizing Skin and Hair

If you suffer from flakey elbows, brittle hair, chapped lips or a bloody nose, your body is insufficiently moisturized. A little humidity is necessary for all your organs to function properly, including your largest organ — your skin!

Clearing Phlegm

When suffering from a cold, coughing ensures nasty mucus exits your system. However, dry hacking rarely has this desired effect. With a humidifier, more moisture enters your respiratory system, resulting in loosened phlegm and a more productive cough.

Relieving Allergy Symptoms

Moderate humidity also soothes allergy symptoms like sneezing or wheezing. Additionally, humidifiers can help your regular AC system filter out common indoor irritants like dander and dust.

Preventing Respiratory Illness

Finally, research suggests moisture can deactivate influenza virus particles, meaning they’re less likely to lead to disease. Therefore, a humidifier can defend you and your family from common illnesses simply by pumping more vapor into the air.

Beautifying Your House

Though not strictly medical, moisture can also enhance your home’s appearance. Proper humidity stops furniture and wallpaper from cracking, while houseplants thrive on the extra water intake.

A beautiful environment is known to boost your mood, meaning a humidifier can even positively impact your mental state.

Schedule Indoor Air Quality Testing

To reap the full benefits of a humidifier, you must first determine your home’s existing moisture levels and indoor air quality. The team at Absolute Comfort Air will conduct IAQ testing to identify any contaminants or humidity issues on your property.

From there, we’ll recommend and install air quality solutions that meet your individual needs. If you choose to use a humidifier, we can also offer guidance on how to properly maintain your device.

Request a service appointment today to start breathing easier!

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