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How To Winterize Your Home

December 7, 2021 | Blog

As winter is nearing, it’s time to bring out your hoodies, sweaters and fuzzy socks to keep you warm. Just as you’re preparing yourself for the chilly days to come, it’s also time to check if your home is ready for the winter.

At Absolute Comfort Air, we know it’s important to prepare your home and heating system for the winter transition. Below are some winter insulation and home heating tips you should consider this season!

Insulation is Key

Pipes and Outdoor Faucets

When the weather drops, your plumbing can be at risk. Because the pipes are exposed and have water lingering, they can freeze and can explode if the ice keeps expanding. This can flood your home and crack your pipes. 

Like your pipes, you also don’t want your faucets to be at risk of ice expansion due to the water lingering. Make sure to cover your outdoor faucets with a foam insulation cover in order to prevent them from bursting. 

Doors and Windows

Make sure to insulate your doors and windows by using weatherstripping around your home – this can help prevent cold air from getting inside. By not doing so, it can cost you high energy bills during the winter. 

Vents and Ductworks

Your vents and ductworks may be old and can have air leaks from the outside. If you don’t insulate them, your HVAC system will overwork to keep your home warm for the winter. Fortunately, it’s very easy to insulate your vents and ductworks with some DIY tips.

Preparing Your HVAC System For The Winter

Before winter begins, you should check if they aren’t any issues with the furnace performance. To prepare, there are some tips you can take to ensure the heater is ready for the winter.

Change Your Air Filter

It’s necessary to change the filter because it can be dirty and clogged by dust causing the furnace to overwork. Cleaning and changing the filter at least 30 to 50 days before the start of winter can help your heater perform efficiently.

Inspect Your Furnace

Before winter starts, you should inspect your furnace’s blower and burners to ensure they are functioning well. It’s in your best interest that you see if your unit can functionally adjust the heating in your home before the harsh winter arrives. If you face any issues, you should contact a professional to have a look at your furnace.

Check Your Thermostat

Unpredictable weather can happen, so it’s a great idea to get a smart thermostat that can adapt to your needs. If you aren’t sure how to prepare your heater for a temperature drop, make sure the set temperature is set to 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If away or asleep, you should set the temperature to 62-66 degrees Fahrenheit. This should help warm your home and save money on heating costs. 

If you are having issues with your HVAC or heating system, give our team at Absolute Comfort Air a call. We offer many services such as heater tune-ups and heater repairs. Our well-trained professionals will make sure to fit your needs and give the most effective results!

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