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Should I Replace My Furnace Before It Dies?

Is It Time To Replace My Furnace?

When homeowners hear “heater replacement,” many think of finding a new model after their old one finally dies out. Some people never even think about replacing their furnace beforehand, which is a big mistake. Letting your heater run out before replacing it costs you money, energy efficiency and runs the risk of catastrophic breakdowns.

We at Absolute Comfort Air would like to show you why furnace replacement isn’t just about waiting until the last minute. Let’s look at why replacing your unit sooner rather than later can make your life easier.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

Waiting until your furnace is on its last legs before ordering a replacement is risky. Not only will your heater run less efficiently, it will also be more prone to sudden breakdowns that will leave you without heat for an unpredictable amount of time. The truth is that delaying your furnace replacement can set yourself up for stress and disappointment.

So how often should a furnace be replaced? When it comes to identifying the right time, it’s all about observation. There are more than a few tell-tale signs of a necessary replacement. By knowing what to look for, you can stay one step ahead.

The Furnace Is Making Strange Sounds Or Smells

As far as warning signs go, weird sounds and smells coming from your furnace are more noticeable than most. It’s a good thing too, since in the worst of cases, these can suggest problems that could be potentially life-threatening for people in your home.

It can be difficult to tell what’s wrong with your furnace based on sounds alone. Noises could suggest a broken motor, a dirty burner, old components and plenty of other issues. This can suggest that your unit is failing and needs a replacement.

Smells from your heater can likewise be caused by many things, but some are more dangerous than others. A strong odor similar to rotten eggs could indicate a dangerous gas leak — in these cases, you should evacuate your home and contact the professionals. If your furnace is starting to produce these kinds of smells, then it’s likely time to replace it.

The Temperature Isn’t Right

Sometimes our indoor temperature just doesn’t feel right. It might seem like your thermostat isn’t reading the correct temperature. In other cases, you might notice that the heat around your home is unevenly distributed.

It would be smart to clean your air filters and check for any obvious problems with your unit. If your furnace isn’t producing and spreading heat as it should, then this might call for a replacement.

The Furnace Is Old

No matter how much maintenance you treat your furnace with, the passing of time will always catch up to it. As machines, heaters will eventually run their course and need to be replaced.

Furnaces typically have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, but yours can exceed or fall short of this range for various reasons.

Letting your heater grow old without considering a replacement could lead to unexpected problems or even breakdowns. If your aging heater suddenly dies in the middle of winter, your entire home will be left defenseless to the cold for who knows how long.

By scheduling a replacement with our team before this happens, you won’t have to stress about your old furnace suddenly giving out on you.

What Are The Benefits Of A Furnace Replacement?

When you get your furnace replaced, you receive advantages that homeowners with outdated furnaces miss out on. If you were to only consider a replacement when absolutely necessary, you’d miss out on some excellent benefits. Here are just a few examples.

Save On Energy And Money

Despite the upfront investment, having your furnace replaced is a great way to conserve energy and funds. Old heaters prone to malfunctions will start to slow down no matter how well you maintain them.

They require more energy to produce the same amount of heat, while a new furnace maximizes efficiency. Your replacement will also be less likely to experience mechanical problems due to age, so you’ll get to save on repairs.

More Reliable And Safe

You rely on your furnace to keep your home warm, so it’s crucial that your unit doesn’t let you down. Newer, well-maintained furnaces are much less likely to experience heating issues and breakdowns.

This also means a reduced risk of dangerous malfunctions such as gas leaks. Because of this, a heater replacement makes your home more comfortable and safe.

Take Advantage Of Upgrades

No homeowner should settle for the bare minimum out of their furnace. Modern models provide greater efficiency and comfort, so upgrading to a new system can help you out in more ways than one.

Maybe you want to get a new zoning system or a variable-speed blower. Heater replacement is a perfect time to introduce a new high-efficiency furnace into your home. There’s no need to wait until things get bad — you can upgrade today.

Turn To Absolute Comfort Air

Getting your furnace replaced requires good timing and model selection, but there’s another variable — the HVAC company you trust to get it installed.

Absolute Comfort Air provides the people of Barrow County with certified, cost-effective HVAC services that prioritize your satisfaction. We’ll get your new furnace installed and help keep it maintained for years to come. Give us a call today to get started!

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