4 Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you’re aware of the common air pollutants in your home, you’re halfway through the battle! Another important part of home air health is locating the cause of indoor air pollution. Sometimes the source can be controlled or limited to improve your air quality.

Absolute Comfort Air offers the best Winder, GA air quality solutions to our community. The way we provide such stellar service is by sharing as much information with our customers as possible. Read on to learn more about the sources of your poor indoor air quality!


The appliances that power your home and provide you with so many conveniences could actually be contributing to your poor air quality. Specifically, gas-powered appliances always produce a byproduct because they use a gas source to fuel their functions. These byproducts can include dangerous gases like carbon monoxide that can pose huge dangers if leaked in large quantities. If you aren’t sure what power source your appliances run on, it’s time to find out!

Cleaning Products

The very sprays and wipes you use to disinfect your home and keep it sparkly clean could also be lowering your air quality. First, scented air fresheners, sprays and candles release substances to mask odors in the air. Unfortunately, the odors are just covered, not eliminated. Plus, most cleaning products contain harmful VOCs that you could be inserting into your air. Consider using natural products or purchasing unscented substances for your home’s air health.

Outside Forces

Contaminants from outside are probably some of the most prevalent pollutants in your air. Your home, no matter how well sealed, is connected to the outdoors through doorways, windows and tiny seals and cracks. This means whatever is happening outside will affect your indoor air quality. Seasonal allergies, smoke and poor outdoor air quality are the most common factors to consider inside your home.

Additionally, humidity is always an enemy of indoor air quality. Humid seasons and high humidity climates cause a higher threat to your indoor air quality. Not only is the moisture itself bad in high levels, the moist air also promotes mold and bacteria growth. If you struggle with an especially humid climate or stubborn humidity levels in your home, you may need a professional air-purifying solution.

Construction or Renovation

After a home renovation project or dealing with building materials, your air quality can suffer. Older materials like asbestos were commonly used in insulation, and can still be dangerous when exposed in your home. Other construction involving paint or cutting materials can introduce vapors or wood dust into the air. Even if the air seems clear when you’re finished, your vents and filters will likely be clogged with construction dust. It’s best to clean out your ducts, vents and filters to ensure you aren’t breathing in this harmful dust for weeks to come. 

Ready For Pristine Air?

No matter what the cause of your lung irritation and poor air quality is, you need efficient results to get your home back in order. Don’t wait for the next allergy season to flare up, act now. Rely on our trusty team at Absolute Comfort Air to clear the air and let you breathe deeper!

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