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5 AC Troubleshooting Tips

June 23, 2021 | Blog

Is your AC in need of repairs, but you’re too scared to call an AC technician because of the high prices? There are simple steps that every homeowner or business owner can take before making that potentially expensive phone call. 

Is The Power Out? 

Sudden power surges can cause your AC circuit breaker to shut off. This is always a smart first step before jumping to conclusions that your AC unit is broken. If your switch was tripped, try turning it back on and wait for any signs that your unit is running again. This may take a minute, so patience is recommended. 

Check Your Thermostat

Many times a thermostat could be set to the wrong setting or simply not on the correct temperature. In order to keep your home or business comfortable, make sure your unit is set to a lower temperature than the current one inside. It may take a second for the unit to turn on after lowering the temperature, but this may spark the AC to turn back on. 

Inspect Your Condenser Unit 

An outdoor AC condenser unit releases heat and changes the state of the refrigerant from a vapor to a liquid. As the refrigerant passes through the system, it creates the cooling sensation of the air. If this unit is in need of repair, it could cause only warm air to exit your vents or your cooling cycle might shorten. One solution could be removing any debris from the unit and making sure nearby landscaping is trimmed back, so it has enough room to breathe properly. For your safety, do not check on anything inside of the unit before calling a professional. 

Change Air Filter 

A majority of AC unit repairs have to do with a dirty air filter desperately needing to be changed. There are many benefits from regularly checking and replacing air filters in your home or business. Not only could it cause physical problems for the people in the building like nose bleeds, allergies, coughing, but it could also increase utility bills or potentially break down an HVAC unit. 

Open Vents, Cool Air, Happy Home 

Even though it may seem like an aesthetically pleasing idea to cover up vents in your home to not ruin that Instagram picture, it could cause major problems to your AC unit. Allowing them to breathe properly and push out air will increase the quality of your system and potentially lengthen the lifespan of your AC. Not blocking it will also allow for it to be cleaned regularly along with the rest of the building because if it is out of sight, it could potentially be out of mind. 

The following tips are encouraged by all homeowners and business owners when checking on their AC units especially before giving the professionals a call. If things still do not seem right, give Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning a call today to schedule an appointment. We believe prevention through regularly scheduled maintenance is the best medicine for one of the most valuable systems in your home or business – especially in the middle of a Texas summer!

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